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  • Millenial Screwed by Central Banks & IMF
  • Bitcoin Maximalist
  • Colonizer of Cyberspace
  • Sovereign Individual

My Professional Journey Before Discovering Bitcoin

F.A. Hayek Foundation. Executive Manager
Organized the first Future of Money conference in Central Europe
Impact: The conference brought together thought leaders and industry experts to discuss the evolving landscape of money and finance.

ViaGold: Co-founder
Established the first online business where customers could purchase goods using gold holdings via the GoldMoney payment network in 2011.
ViaGold demonstrated the potential for alternative payment methods and inspired further exploration into digital currencies.These experiences provided me with valuable insights into the financial industry and the potential for innovation, paving the way for my eventual discovery and involvement with Bitcoin.

EUREKA moment 2012

The Challenge:
In 2012, our venture, ViaGold, which relied on GoldMoney for gold payment processing, faced a significant setback. GoldMoney decided to discontinue its payment network due to heavy regulatory scrutiny from tax authorities. This decision immediately disrupted our business model, prompting us to search for an alternative.

Discovering Bitcoin:
We quickly discovered Bitcoin and its unique uncensorable properties, which offered a potential solution. However, its high volatility at the time prevented us from utilizing it as a viable payment alternative. Ultimately, our business was unable to recover, and we were forced to close.

The Lesson Learned:
This experience taught us an important lesson: "Trusted Third Party Payment Networks Are Business Threats." It highlighted the potential of Bitcoin, decentralized and censorship-resistant currency and shaped our perspective on the future of digital payments.

My decade recap

  • 2011 - Introduced to Bitcoin
  • 2012 - First Trading Experience
  • 2013 - Frist MtGox Experience
  • 2014 - 2019 Trezor & Slush Pool
  • 2019 - 2024 Freelance Consultant


  • ClickUp - project management
  • Pipedrive - sales management
  • Zendesk - customer support
  • GSuite


Telegram: antifragile
Tel: + 420 728 007 567

Independence Disclaimer

Please note that I am not affiliated with, employed by, or receiving funding from any government or government-funded agency. For more details on the reasons behind my independent stance, please read here.

Martin Jurco

Bitcoin Courses & Consultations

I. Beginner's Guide for Bitcoin newbies

Are you new to Bitcoin and unsure where to start? This beginner-friendly course provides a simple and easy-to-understand introduction to the world of digital currency.

What you will learn:
By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Purchase Bitcoin on an exchange or via an ATM
  2. Store, spend, and sell your Bitcoin securely
  3. Understand best practices for privacy and security

The course will guide you through these essential steps:

  1. Installing state-of-the-art smartphone wallets (iOS or Android)
  2. Purchasing your first small amount of Bitcoin (equivalent to 1 EUR)
  3. Completing your first transaction
  4. Learning the best practices for secure storage of your coins
  5. Discussing privacy practices (optional)
  6. Discovering various merchants where you can spend your Bitcoin (globally)
  7. Understanding common Bitcoin scams and imitations, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, to protect your future investments.

Price: 39 EUR
or buy me a coffee in Paralelni Polis

Join the Introduction to Bitcoin course today and start your journey into the world of digital currency with confidence!

II. MASTERING Bitcoin Value Proposition

Are you familiar with Bitcoin basics and looking to explore trading or investing in this emerging asset class? This course will help you better understand Bitcoin's value proposition and price dynamics.

What you will learn:
By the end of the course, you will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoin as a novel asset class
  2. Learn about Bitcoin price dynamics and market cycles
  3. Overcome common fears, uncertainties, and doubts (FUDs) that arise during price fluctuations
  4. Develop a competitive edge against other traders
  5. Optimize your investment strategy, including dollar-cost averaging and long-term holding (HODL)

Price: 299 EUR

Join our Mastering Bitcoin Value Proposition course today and enhance your trading and investing skills in the world of digital assets!

III. Mastering bitcoin mining business

Target group are global-scale businesses interested in Bitcoin mining ventures.

Price: 49 EUR/hour

My References

Before working with Martin, I struggled to manage various aspects of my business, which prevented me from focusing on technical matters and training.

Martin expertly set up my business processes and guided me through the transition from a less structured system to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Although this change was initially challenging, I have to admit that it has significantly improved my business operations. Martin also took on the responsibility of managing tasks that fell outside my areas of expertise.

Thanks to Martin's efforts, I can now fully devote myself to the technical aspects of my business and provide comprehensive training. His contributions have greatly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of my operations.

If you need advice or assistance in a similar area of expertise, I highly recommend reaching out to Martin. His knowledge and skills have proven invaluable to my business.

Ondřej Šika, CEO Trainera & Ondrej Sika Labs

My projects

Czech translation of "BROKEN MONEY"

Lyn Alden wrote spectacular compilation on the history of money through the lens of technology putting Bitcoin brilliantly into the context.

Convincing my friends to read it and learn from it is a harsh task. They usually lack the ability to read English. So I have decided to manage the translation it into Czech.

I will find sponsors willing to finance translation and buy the rights from Timestamp Press. However there is plenty of work to do and I am looking for enthusiast collaborators with following capabilities:

  1. Translate the book
  2. Arrange distribution and sales
  3. Arrange marketing

Write me an email if you want to participate on this project and contribute your small share into the rising ecosystem of freedom.

hobby project: make delorean machine great again

Lambo, in my humble opinion, is highly overrated car in the Bitcoin community. Please consider these compelling arguments for the DMC machine before buying new car once we MOON: 

  • futuristic-ish design
  • appearance in the cult movie "Back to the Future"
  • manufacturer wasn't owned by FIAT. ever.

free education

Comprehensive Bitcoin Learning Resource

Are you looking for an extensive collection of educational resources and information on Bitcoin? Look no further than

What to Expect:
At, you'll find a wealth of curated content on Bitcoin, including articles, videos, podcasts, and more. With such a vast selection, you could spend months exploring and learning from the available resources.

This comprehensive resource is perfect for beginners and experienced Bitcoin enthusiasts alike, offering valuable insights and knowledge to help you better understand this revolutionary technology.

twitter influencers

Lyn Alden, Samson Mow, Robert Breedlove, Adam Back, Peter McCormack, PlanB, Jack Mallers, Michael Saylor,  Anthony Pompliano, Saifedean Ammous, Jameson Lopp, Lawrence Lepard,Tuur Demeester, Willy Woo, Giacomo Zucco, Bitcoin Magazine, WhalePanda, Jack, Jan3, Balaji, Alistair Milne,  Aaron van WirdumSlush, Caitlin Long, Charlie Lee, Preston Pysh, Hodlnaut, Peter Brandt, Dan Hedl, Jimmy Song, Max Hillebrand, Leah Wald, Tone Vays, Pierre Rochard, Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, Gabor Gurbacs, Andreas Antonopoulos, Nick Szabo, Francis Pouliot, Luke Dashjr, John Carvalho

"battle cries"

Be sure you check-out several "battle cries" unique for the Bitcoin ecosystem:

  • Vires in Numeris.
  • Don't Trust, Verify.
  • Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin.
  • HODL.
  • Stacking Sats.
  • Be Your Own Bank.
  • Orange Coin Good. Number Go Up!
  • Going Up Forever Laura, Forever!


Bitcoin, often referred to as a digital currency, is an emerging technology that has been in existence for over a decade. It is not simply a new form of PayPal; rather, it represents a fundamentally new kind of absolutely scarce money that has never existed before. This groundbreaking and disruptive innovation offers unique features, such as uncensorable transactions, protection from confiscation, and a robust design that makes it ultra-hard type of money and therefore an ideal store of value for the 21st century.

Bitcoin appeals to those seeking a hedge against worst-case economic scenarios. It offers protection against inflation, security in the face of potential bank failures, and a safe haven amidst the global environment of zero or negative interest rates. However, it is important to acknowledge the challenge associated with Bitcoin, such as its short-term volatility.

Over the long term, Bitcoin exhibits characteristics similar to digital gold, despite its short-term price fluctuations. When you buy Bitcoin, you are placing your trust in a mathematical framework that is devoid of politics and human error. However, holding Bitcoin for the long term requires a strong understanding of the underlying technology, necessitating a deep investment in education.

To better appreciate the potential of Bitcoin and understand its inner workings, it is crucial to educate oneself on the subject. As an expert in the field, I am prepared to guide you through the intricacies of Bitcoin and help you navigate this exciting new frontier. I encourage you to explore available resources, engage in community discussions, and immerse yourself in this revolutionary technology.

Welcome to the World of Bitcoin - World of Time Saving Technology.