short bio

  • Millenial Screwed Up by Central Banks & IMF
  • Bitcoin Maximalist
  • Colonizer of Cyberspace
  • Sovereign Individual

my life before bitcoin

F.A.Hayek Foundation - executive manager of the very first Future of Money conference in Central Europe
ViaGold - co-founder the very first online shop where you could buy stuff in exchange for your gold holdings via GoldMoney payment network in 2011

EUREKA moment 2012

GoldMoney, which was the gold payment processor for our venture - ViaGold, has decided to cut off it's payment network under heavy regulatory scrutiny conducted by tax authorities. That event has ruined our business model immediately and we started looking for an alternative.

We discovered Bitcoins unique uncensorable properties quite quickly, but it's high volatility at that time did not allow us to utilize it as a payment alternative. 

We went out of business learning an important lesson: 

"Trusted Third Party Payment Networks Are  Business Threats"

My decade recap

  • 2011 - Introduced to Bitcoin
  • 2012 - First Trading Experience
  • 2013 - Frist MtGox Experience
  • 2014 - Trezor
  • 2015 - Trezor & Slush Pool
  • 2016 - Slush Pool
  • 2017 - Slush Pool
  • 2018 - Slush Pool
  • 2019 - Freelance Consultant
  • 2020 - Stacking Sats


  • ClickUp - project management
  • Pipedrive - sales management
  • Zendesk - customer support
  • GSuite
  • Linux


Telegram: antifragile
Tel: + 420 728 007 567



+ 420 728 007 567

Bank account for emergency cases:


I don't work for any government or government funded agency. Read my reasoning.

Martin Jurco

Crypto Veteran

Bitcoin Courses & Consultations

Magic Internet Money better known as Bitcoin, is a nascent technology which has already been around for about a decade.

Bitcoin isn't new PayPal, it is radically new form of absolutely scarce money which never existed before. It is something entirely novel and very disruptive.

Bitcoin is uncensorable, unconfiscatable, ultra-hard type of money designed by engineers as an ultimate store of value instrument for 21st century.

Bitcoin is for everyone who has a low risk tolerance for worst-case economic scenarios. It protects its owners against price inflation, secures its owners against bank collapses and serves its owners as a safe deposit in the zeronegative interest rate environment globally.

Bitcoin behaves more like Digital Gold in longtime periods despite it's short term volatility. If you buy Bitcoin, you are putting your savings and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.

However endurance to hold it long term requires deep investment in education. I am ready to help.

I. Bitcoin CrasH course

Target group are newbies with no experience with Bitcoin so far.

It’s the starting that can get you stuck.You heard about Bitcoin in the news, your friends are talking about it, but you are stuck and confused at the first line. You are missing your first hand experience and are afraid to ask. Or you don't know who to ask. I will explain Bitcoin ELI5 for you. Practically.

What you will learn from this hands on approach course

At the end of the course you will be able to buy Bitcoin on an exchange or via Prague ATM, know how to store it, how to spend in Prague it or sell it to someone. We will go through all the following simple steps:

  • Install the state-ot-the-art smartphone wallets (iOS or Android)
  • Buy your first small amount of Bitcoin in the value of 1 EUR
  • Do your first transaction
  • Learn what are the best practices for secure storage of your coins
  • Optionally discuss the best privacy practices
  • Find many merchants in Prague where you can spend your Bitcoin
  • Briefly talk about Bitcoin scams aka clones: Bcash, Bitcoin Gold, etc. which will save you a ton of money in the future.

II. Bitcoin Value Proposition Course

Target group is everyone with basic experience in Bitcoin & Crypto in general. Interested in trading/investing into the new asset class.

What you will learn from this advanced course

At the end of the course you will better understand Bitcoin as a  novel asset class and its price dynamics. You won't be scared anymore by the most common FUDs repeating periodically during the Bitcoin price cycle. Therefore you will get competitive advantage against other traders and gain the most from the cost averaging HODL strategy.

III. Consulting

Target group are global-scale businesses interested in Bitcoin mining ventures.


Czech translation of "The Bitcoin standard"

Saifedean Ammous wrote spectacular compilation on the history of money putting Bitcoin brilliantly into the context.

Convincing my friends to read it and learn from it is a harsh task. They usually lack the ability to read scholar English. So I have decided to manage the translation it into Czech.

I will find sponsors willing to finance translation and buy the rights from Wiley. However there is plenty of work to do and I am looking for enthusiast collaborators with following capabilities:

  1. Translate the book
  2. Arrange distribution and sales
  3. Arrange marketing

Write me an email if you want to participate on this project and contribute your small share into the rising ecosystem of freedom.

hobby project: make delorean machine great again

Lambo, in my humble opinion, is highly overrated car in the Bitcoin community. Please consider these compelling arguments for the DMC machine before buying new car once we MOON: 

  • futuristic-ish design
  • appearance in the cult movie "Back to the Future"
  • manufacturer wasn't owned by FIAT. ever.

My References

Martin mi skvěle nastavil firemní procesy, udělal migraci z naprostého punku do CRM (která mě bolela, ale musím si přiznat že přinesla své ovoce) a řídí vše co nemusím dělat já. Já se díky tomu mohu naplno věnovat technickým věcem a školením. Pokud budete potřebovat poradit s podobnými věcmi, zkuste požádat Martina.

Ondřej Šika, CEO Trainera & Ondrej Sika Labs

free education

twitter influencers

Nick Szabo, Adam Back, Jameson Lopp, Giacomo Zucco, PlanB, Samson Mow, Charlie Lee, Hodlnaut, , WhalePanda, Peter Brandt, Pomp, Saifedean Ammous, Tuur Demeester, Peter McCormack, Bitcoin Magazine, Dan Hedl, Jimmy Song, Max Hillebrand, Leah Wald, Tone Vays

one Mega resource

You'll find enough curated educational resources and information about [Bitcoin] that you could spend months sifting through them all":

"battle cries"

Be sure you check-out several "battle cries" unique for the Bitcoin ecosystem:

  • Vires in Numeris.
  • Don't Trust, Verify.
  • Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin.
  • HODL.
  • Stacking Sats.